It's very simple, just visit and follow the instructions.


The Upsellify app requires following permissions:

  • read checkouts to check wheter to display or not to display upsell offer on the thank you page and to create pre-filled checkout when customer clicks on the upsell offer
  • read price rules and read products for basic functionality
  • write orders to add notes about created upsell orders, so you will know that you should ship some orders together with an another one
  • write script tags to render the upsell offer on the thank you page
  • write shipping to create free shipping method for the upsell order

How does it work?

Firstly, select product and discount you want to offer on thank you page to your customers, and secondly, choose offer time limit and write short motivation text to make this offer even better. Then just sit down and watch incoming orders.


You can try Upsellify app for free for 7 days and then it will cost just 5 USD a month.

Terms and conditions

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